My 5 Favorite Vegan Bags in 2017

Finding the Perfect bag can be a struggle when trying to “Go Ethical” with Fashion since pretty much everything is made from animal skin but there are options and I want to show you guys my journey in this department.

I’ve always been a fan of the Big Luxury Brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. One that really caught my eye in 2015 and that I decided to buy when I was able to afford it was the LV-Favorite Damier Ebene PM. I loved this bag so much because it was very functional and I made really good use for almost 2 years. 2017 was a breaking year for me where I not only changed my eating habits (I became a Pescatarian) but also my taste in fashion and one of those changes was that I did not want to wear any animal-derived products anymore. So, I decided to sell my LV Handbag and went on the hunt for vegan alternatives.

Here are my 5 Favorite Vegan Bags I found in 2017 (both high-end and affordable brands):

1. Stella McCartney Stella Mccartney Falabella Velvet Box Mini Shoulder Bag. • Stella McCartney • Sold Out
2. Urban Originals Loveliness Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag • Urban Originals • Sold Out
3. Matt & Nat Luna Vegan Leather Saddle Bag • Matt & Nat • $61.97
4. Matt & Nat Rubicon Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag • Matt & Nat • $74.97
5. Urban Originals Take Me Home Vegan Leather Bag • Urban Originals • $88

#1 stole my heart and It’s officially the first Luxury Vegan Bag I owned! It’s such a beautiful bag in Rose color which goes with almost anything as the color is very subtle. I Plan to wear it in 2018, possibly for Valentine’s Day if my boyfriend and I decide to go out that night. By the way, I found this gem at Nordstrom during the Black Friday weekend, and the best of all, it was on SALE!

I’m really hoping with time and due to high demand for vegan bags, the big brands start incorporating vegan options using premium materials that can be as luxurious as their current leather bags. Meanwhile, I’ll be in the hunt for more brands, more options to give you to choose from. Which bag was your favorite? And are you guys more interested in affordable or high-end brands? I’d love to read your comments.



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A must-have during Fall-Winter in Miami

How’s the weather like in MIA during Fall/Winter?

So I’ve been living in Miami for 1 and a half years and I’m loving it.

Miami is known to be “the City of Sun” because of its warm temperatures most of the year.

I was born in a city (Cali) with a similar weather so for me, it’s like I’m back home. As much as I adapt well to hot temperatures I do have to say I sometimes miss cold days to be able to dress in all the pretty and elegant winter clothes (I really need a vacation somewhere up north soon).

Thankfully, we have the ocean and it brings us plenty of wind and fresh breeze — which is something I absolutely love and take good advantage of to wear things like this Ivory-color blazer my aunt gave me.

We are now in November, and wearing this cute blazer was just good enough!

If you are thinking about visiting Miami during “Fall or Winter” all you will need is a jacket, a blazer or something lightweight in that will help with the fresh breeze or “cold” especially at night — and that’s pretty much it!

Not only a blazer will help you keep warm when it gets fresh but it adds an elegant look to ANY outfit! You can pair it with jeans ( like I did), a dress, a pair of pants, a skirt, you name it – it goes with anything!

Outfit Details: Jeans ( H&M), Top (Gag Threads), Blazer ( unknown-it was a gift),  Vegan Bag ( Topshop), Sunnies (Quay Australia)

Talking about Fall and Winter in other parts of the world, what I love the most of Winter clothes is you get the chance to “layer” your outfit by wearing multiple pieces of clothing — this way you can look different during the day based on how the day goes. A blazer never fails, whether you are in a warm city like Miami or a cold city like Chicago in between seasons, it’s a must have!! Let me know, which is your favorite piece of clothing you use for layering? Would love to hear about it 🙂


*Outfit details not mentioned, are not 100% Vegan. I’m still in the process of upgrading my closet with all vegan options.
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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks: Product Review

Hello, and welcome! 🙂

I’m very excited to share my first blog post with all of you 🙂 & yes, it sure had to be about a makeup product – since makeup is my current newest obsession. So I was lucky to receive the Bite Beauty Vox Box from Influenster (so far, my favorite one I’ve received). For those of you that aren’t familiar with Influenster; Influenster is an online community of over 3 million social savvy shoppers; where you can find product reviews, connect with other like-minded influencers and ask/answer questions about products. If you are not part of this wonderful community you can register here: Influenster.  After you sign up, all you have to do is link all of your social media accounts, complete product reviews and/or other activities. Based on your “impact score” you can be eligible to get free “VoxBoxes” that can either include a variety of products from different brands or sometimes just from one specific brand like this one I got.

This VoxBox was from the brand: Bite Beauty.

Bite Products are handmade by Bite Beauty in Toronto, Canada. This brand describes their formula as natural, age-defying for lips that is good enough to eat (yes, its ingredients are that natural!)

Amouse Bouche Liquified Lipstick is made with natural Monoi butter and coconut oil, which melts at the temperature of your lips to glide on for sumptuous wear and a satiny finish. The brand doesn’t test on animals so it is Cruelty-Free and they’re also Leaping Bunny Certified!  FYI: All products I’ll be posting about WILL BE Cruelty-Free as my focus on Beauty will be to give you options of low-end as well as high-end products for you try and LOVE! I support brands that care for animals and that use other methods to test their products and you will find about other great brands in my future posts, so make sure you subscribe to my blog for updates.

This box included Three of Bite’s new Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks in the shades:

  • Éclair (a medium Rose)
  • Flambé (a bright poppy red)
  • Demi Glace ( a medium-dark chocolate)

Price: $24.00 for 0.25 fl. oz. (each one) 

The last one (Demi Glace ) was definitely my favorite shade! It’s the one that had the most glossy look, I feel like it made my lips look plumper and the color is the bomb! ( Perfect for this Fall coming up )

I also received:

  • Line & Define Lip Primer ($22.00 for 0.05 fl. oz.)

Lip primers are great to ensure smooth application, and long lasting color. They also prevent your lips from drying out. Personally, I wouldn’t use this primer for these lipsticks, because I think they are already nourishing enough for my lips. I think it would be more suitable for matte-finish or drying lip formulas. I do have to say it has an amazing Mint-scent; which I love!


  • Packaging was a plus (beautiful packaging, good-quality)
  • Creamy formula, it feels very hydrating on your lips
  • The applicator provides a precise/easy application (it has a pointy edge)
  • Colors are highly pigmented ( it feels like a very pigmented lip gloss)
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free


  • It’s not Smudge-Free (due to it having a glossy and creamy texture)
  • It feels a little tacky on the lips (again due to having a glossy texture )
  • It’s NOT long wearing (it stayed on my lips for about 2 hours)


I feel like we need to have different types of formulas in our vanity table to choose from, from a matte dry lipstick to a pigmented lip gloss! In my case, I love Matte lipsticks for when I know I will be out most of the day so I need a Lipstick that stays on for a long period of time. Other times I prefer a clear lip gloss or with some color to it when I’m going just to dinner or something that won’t take as long, for that purpose I’ll be using my New Amouse Bouche Liquified Lipstick. It looks fabulous and when you get home, it removes easily (something you can’t say about most matte lip colors) Let me know if you have gotten your hands on any of the Bite Beauty lipsticks.

Which lipstick shade was your personal favorite?

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster and Bite Beauty for review, but all opinions are my own.



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